offering tasks to a group of workers

  • 3 August 2021
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Hi all,

I have a group of workers and a stream of tasks arriving by email.  Assume workers are happy responding to emails and that they can only work on one task at a time.  I want the workflow to give each worker the Subject of the email and the ability to take the task, ignore it or reject it. But I also want to prevent more than one worker working on a task at the same time. 

Are there any examples around that implement anything similar in pipefy?


2 replies

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While there are simple solutions using the GraphQL API, this too should be possible in “raw” Pipefy only.

I imagine the following components:

  • Use the “users can only edit cards they are assigned to” authentication requirement in the Task pipe to solve the “prevent more than one worker working on a task at the same time”
  • Use an assignee field to select the one worker that is to be working on this task
  • For the workers to assign themselves, use a connected field to a connected pipe (“Worker-Distribution”, e.g.)
  • In the Task-Pipe, create a Worker-Distribution connected card with the E-Mails of the possible workers and an assignee field
  • When this conneccted card is created, send the E-Mail to the workers
  • The worker who responds first, assignes itself to the Distribution Card using said assignee field
  • Use a conditional to hide this assignee field in the Distribution Card to prevent other workers from assigning themselves
  • Fill the assignee field of the parent, Task Card based on the assignee of the Distribution Card, using an automation.


I can imagine other ways, e.g. using public forms with only the assignee field etc.

Good luck!

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Hello @skip

I our company we have pipeline, where each one is a phase, than when we get a new task someone have to claim it in 24h, it works very well for small groups.