Automations - Recurring Activity - Add Yearly / Quarterly option to cover all use cases

This is a gap in the automations functionality that should be very quickly fixed.

Background: There are only day, week and month options.

Problem: This doesn’t cover many important use cases like quarterly, yearly (e.g. many financial/ filing tasks in particular are not every month, they have frequencies at longer durations)

Suggested Fixes:

There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Add a ‘yearly’ option where we pick yearly dates (I could create 4 automations to cover each quarter if needed this way, so covers all cases) (simplest for you)
  2. Add a “CUSTOM” timing - drop down of interval (day, week, month) and allow us to add the interval (e.g. 2). That would equal every 2 months on the 7th for example. (better longer term - check out how google calendar does this for a good example - just copy them)

Please see the discussion here on this:


Hello @Keto-Faster, thanks for bringing up this feedback, and specially for contextualizing it so well, with the problem and real use case of application!
I'm doing two actions here: I'm submitting this post to our product backlog, and I'm contacting the product managers that are working on scopes related with your feedback, so they can better evaluate your suggestions and prioritize it accordingly. 

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