Select multiple fields as card title

We have a bank data database, where it would be interesting to search for cards by CPF/CNPJ. However, the connection field only allows filtering for the record title.

To maintain some reliability on the selected record, we chose to join both CPF and CNPJ fields in a single text field to use as the record title since it's a unique identifier (as opposed to the record's name, for example).

However, that means we had to give up on the document validation offered by the platform since regex alone cant validate the CPF/CNPJ algorithm.

It would be nice to allow more than one title, suppressing the blank field, or even to admit search by subtitles in the connection field. (both for database and pipe connections)

@Nithael Sampaio Just to make sure I understood correctly, you need to search connected cards or database records based on different field values and because Pipefy doesn't support this capability you're currently doing that workaround due to your inability to search the database for info other than the title. Is that the case? Let me know your thoughts. 

I want to add our voice to this topic. Not only would adding multiple sources to the title field enhance the search experience (though I must say that limiting searchable fields to title and subtitle fields is a very weird and cumbersome limitation of the platform, but this is another subject) …

it would also allows for proper, relevant and valuable titles for broader use cases. Think of a database where “first name” and “last name” are separated fields, and are to be used as titles:

  1. Your database title cannot currently include both first and last name field values, which looks weird on connected cards/entries
  2. You cannot appropriately filter with search as those are no unique field values by themselves (though when merged they usually offer a good filter)
  3. As the platform does not provide function fields, you are left with either a partially working environment for end users, or with an external system that needs to read, compute and write values to get a “full name” usable field.

So, in my opinion, having the option of adding multiple field values to a card’s title is the easiest and quickest implementation that solves at least part of those issues. It’s not the best, certainly not the most complete, but it’s a low hanging fruit (IMO) :relaxed:

@gbdoin Thx for the additional information, I'll make sure to share it with my team :) 

@Raphael Costa sorry for the late reply. That’s exactly it.

@Raphael Costa any update on this topic? We are facing similar issues with our database connected to several pipes. Any workaround found by users?



@paulonavarro I have a workaround for

  1. a) Databases: I have a cronjob, that runs every few minutes, that uses the GraphQL API to update the title of all database cards where applicable,
  2. b) Pipes: I use a “helper-field” called “Card title”, that I hide using conditionals and update through an automation on change of any of the fields that get filled in.

This idea has been sent to our backlog of improvements for further priorizitation. For now, there is no estimate for when it might be delivered.


Giovanni Basso

Product Manager

Not being able to search by anything other than the title is a baffling limitation…  really hope this feature is added.

I hope this will get added soon. It’s annoying to have either a First or a Last name as the Card Title.

Another vote for this - we have to manually create the title field in order to combine information from two fields in a card and make it searchable. This would reduce a lot of manual work/ and reduce errors in card creation.

@Giovanni Basso do you have an update on this feature?

It has a lot of votes - so in theory should be at top of backlog?