🔔 Admin Dashboard for Role Permissions

  • 30 May 2022
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🔔 Admin Dashboard for Role Permissions
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To provide a mechanism that allows administrators to manage users, permissions, user groups, security, automation, and billing aspects, we plan to launch the new Admin Dashboard.


In this first version, the Admin Dashboard will provide the "Roles Area" where the administrator can manage the Pipefy user roles and the role permissions actions for the member role.


The Admin Dashboard is available for our Business and Enterprise plans.


Click here and find out all about the Admin Dashboard.

Stay tuned for more news! 😎


3 replies

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Very good! That helps a lot.

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I was thinking about this earlier today, it’s a dream come true haha.

In the future I hope we can create and customize groups by departments, and maybe edit what they can see inside the card, it would be very helpful!


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Hi @vicente-lemes

Yes, and more is coming for the user permission capabilities. 😉

Also, the possibility to create groups by departments and control who can see inside a card are already mapped on our roadmap for this year. 


Stay tuned!!!