💡Admin Dashboard: Invite and add users in bulk to a Role

  • 11 August 2022
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💡Admin Dashboard: Invite and add users in bulk to a Role
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Hello Community🤗


As part of the initiatives we are working on, related to the User Permissions, today I want to announce one more update. 


Now, the Super Admins and Administrators can invite and add users in bulk to a role in the Admin Dashboard.


When accessing the Roles area in the Admin Dashboard and selecting a role from the list, you will see the Users tab in the Role Details panel.


All users assigned to the selected role are listed along with the Assign users button. 


By clicking on it, Super Admins and Administrators will see the new Add in bulk button where they can invite up to 1000 users to the role, reducing, even more, the time to invite and assign roles to company members.


Stay tuned for more news!


4 replies

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Hi Veronica

This feature will be very helpful!

Thanks for sharing.


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Wow!! Great news! 

Thanks for sharing with us, Vero!! 😀

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I’m happy with these new features :)

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Great news! good update