💪 Admin Dashboard: New Super Admin Role

  • 15 June 2022
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💪 Admin Dashboard: New Super Admin Role
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As part of the Admin Dashboard evolution, we are now launching new capabilities for the Role permissions.


In this version, we are launching the new Super Admin role and the ability to manage the role permissions actions for the Administrator role in the Roles Area.


You just need to access the Admin Dashboard to see the Roles Area and from there you will see the list of 5 default Pipefy roles: Super Admin, Administrator, Member, Company Guest and External Guest.


More news coming soon. Stay posted!

2 replies

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This sounds interesting! I look forward to learning more about how the Super Admin role differs from the current Admin role. I’m assuming it’s more than just being able to control permissions for the Admins.

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Hi @Sarah Lane , exactly. Let's suppose in your company you don't want the Administrators to be able to invite and delete members. You can do that disabling these permissions for the Administrator role and let them only responsible for managing the pipes and databases. 


We are planning to release more permissions control so the whole idea here is provide flexibility on the user management and permissions. 😉


Thanks and regards!!