📲 Get notified when your request is updated!

  • 6 September 2022
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📲 Get notified when your request is updated!
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Hello everyone 👋🏻

I’m excited to announce that Requests Notifications are now live! 🚀


🆕 What’s new?

  • As a requester, you will get notified every time your request's status is updated;

  • Also, every time your requests get a new e-mail;

  • And a final notification when your request is completed. 


💎 Why is it valuable?

  • With Requests Notifications you don't need to worry or send constant e-mails asking for updates on your requests;

  • Relax with the certainty of receiving real-time notifications about all your requests, whether while browsing on the Pipefy web version, or in the palm of your hand through push notifications from the mobile app.

Image with the notification center opened and some notification examples!


📚 Learn more

  • Don't know how to track your requests yet? Check out this article

We are currently gradually releasing it, so it should be available for you soon!


Kind Regards,

Danielle Diehl

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This is great, thank you!