Integration of attachment fields between Pipes

  • 26 September 2023
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I would like to update an attachment field in one Pipe based on the attachment field in another Pipe, but I'm having difficulties with this integration. I've tried using Pipefy's automations and also attempted to use Zapier, but neither of them is working. My latest attempt via Zapier generated the following error: 

There is a way to do this update?


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5 replies

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As @Lucas Democh says, it is unfortunately not directly possible, apparently.

What works for me is to download the file and then upload it again (in Integromat/Zapier/a GraphQL API access).

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@pedro-dias8 aparentemente, não é possível atualizar um campo de anexo via API, pois os anexos ficam armazenados dentro da AWS da própria Pipefy.


Aqui na comunidade, já li que contas enterprise podem obter um acesso especial para conseguir fazer o upload de arquivos diretamente para a AWS, mas não tenho os detalhes de como este processo funciona.


Já que está utilizando o Zapier, recomendo que você faça a integração direcionando os anexos não para o Pipefy, mas para uma outra plataforma, como Onedrive, Google Drive ou similar. Desta forma, você teria um controle maior sobre os links dos anexos e até mesmo uma pasta com todos os anexos, permitindo controle sobre download (não é possível via Pipefy), visualização online ETC. 


Boa sorte!




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Hello @pedro-dias8  what's up? 😊
Would you like to take the information from an attachment field to another pipe?
It can be done, but only if the relationship is parent and child pipe
Would these two pipes be connected?
Or would you just update an attachment field in one pipe?

I look forward to your reply =)

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Hi @pedro-dias8, what's up? 

We're checking together to see what might be going on and when I hear back I'll let you know, OK? 

It may take a while, but I can guarantee a response. 

Thank you

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I also had a lot of trouble updating attachment fields. I hope someone can provide a solution to this case.