Rich text fields for phase forms


It would be great to have rich text fields instead of just plain text Long Text fields.

I’m constructing an employee onboarding process, and the use case I have in mind is that I want to dynamically generate a Welcome Email for the incoming new joiner that contains a First Day Agenda, formatted as a bullet list. In my Pre-Arrival step, the hiring manager or HR person managing the employee onboarding process needs to write the First Day Agenda as a bullet list; I want to be able to insert this First Day Agenda bullet list into an automated email that gets sent to the new joiner.

I can’t believe this idea hasn’t already been proposed - apologies if I didn’t see other proposals to the same effect.


Hi @zhifeng, thank you for your suggestion. I'm submitting it to our product team for review and prioritization. 

I think there is a method to accomplish what you want thanks to markdown and dynamic content fields.

I will update you when I remember what the required process was.