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  • 7 July 2020
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what are the most common automation triggers and when they would be useful? Any real life examples? I'm looking to automate my processes and some ideas on how to do it would be nice! 


Best answer by Eduardo Kano 8 July 2020, 13:02

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Hey Peter, 

It is an excellent question. Both answers above are thorough, what I have to add are some real examples;

I use very simple and very complex automation in Pipefy:

  1. When all the required fields in a card are complete, move to the next phase.
  2. Automatically assign someone a task, if you want to spice it up you can use some conditional logic here based on the type of task, assign a specific assignee.
  3. Autofill. I use tags a lot for my processes to be able to filter in my pipeline. So when a specific condition is met, e.g client is SMB, Enterprise…, I use automations to tag these cards.
  4. A more complex automation scenario would be for instance automatically creating cards in a connected pipe. I use this feature a lot! It helps me build very sophisticated processes that adapt to my business needs.
  5. Autofilling from your databases in Pipefy. So if you have information in databases in Pipefy, you can pull that information into your pipes. I use this a lot with product, vendor and client information that is contained in my database.

The possibilities of automations are truly vast! 

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Hi @Peter 

Just complementing @Eduardo Kano answer with 2 situations that I believe automation rules are ver useful


1 Moving to next step

  • In some organizations we have users with different proficiency levels in computing skills. To avoid users to forget moving the card to the next step, you can create a mandatory field defining the action move and than the trigger move the card automatically according the information filled. 

2 Alerts

  • Tracking progress alert - to send alert emails to users or requester (non user)  informing about tracking progress.
  • When a card becomes later, expired or overdue - to send alert to all users involved and in a second case, higher levels in the hierarchy could be a great solution to avoid process breakups and be more efficient. 

I hope I have helped.


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Hi Peter!

Automations are very useful when you need to scale up your operation. Here are all the possible automation triggers:



For example, here at TRR we use automations to open up recurring activities for our operations team. When they complete a process (card), the automation bot creates a new activity. 

Trigger/Event: When a card enters a phase → Done | Action: Create a new card in a pipe


You can find more about automations here: