How to lookup a value and use that in next step automation?

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I can’t seem to figure out what probably is simple. Would appreciate a few pointers.


I have an incoming message with a label. Based on the label, I want to do a lookup in a table what outgoing message fits that label (and then send that outgoing message to the email address of the incoming message).

I can’t figure out how to do a lookup in a table in this context.

Thanks for your help!


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If you want to go the Pipefy way (no external integration or GraphQL API), as I understand your idea, the way would be to create multiple automations with conditions. Each automation checks for the condition (your label) and executes the action (attach or send the message).

But maybe there would be a better way depending on the context — for example, if you let users select a “label with message” from a databse, you can use that database entry by having it linked to the message as well as the label, and therewith only require one automation (sending the mail) or two (setting label on parent, too, plus sending the mail)

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Thanks @genietim . Ok, I get it: a look-up would consist out of check if condition 1 is valid, or if condition 2 is valid, etc. With around 60 options for my look-up, that is not a very efficient process, so I guess Pipefy would not be the best solution to solve my flow.

That is indeed what I wanted to know! Thanks, your help is much appreciated!