Rename "Draft" Card Titles

  • 10 September 2020
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The field that I’ve chosen for the Card Title on one of my pipes is sometimes not filled out when the start form is completed. When this field is not completed, the card title is “Draft”. Is it possible to change that word? I’d prefer it say “Unknown” instead of Draft, but I can’t find a spot to change that text.

In other words: is it possible to customize what title is shown when the card title field is not filled in? 




Best answer by Ricardo Palhares 10 September 2020, 22:53

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3 replies

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Thank you both @ivan.novofoco and @Ricardo Palhares ! Those are both great ideas. I particularly like the automation idea. I might just do that!

Have a great day and weekend ahead!


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Hi @Sarah Lane ,


I believe that it is not possible to change the default (draft), as it is an internal configuration of Pipefy.


An alternative is to make the field mandatory. This way you guarantee that there will be a title for this card. And if in fact it is not applicable to fill in the field in the star form, you can advise that you fill it with "Unknown".


Hope this helps :grinning:

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Hi @Sarah Lane 


I am not sure if Pipefy has a solution to your question, but I believe there is a workaround:


  1. Create a new field to be used as Card Title
  2. Create an automation to set a value (ex. Unknown) for the field Card Title if your original field is not filled
  3. Create another automation to update the field Card Title when your original field is updated with a valid value

Just to be sure that I was clear. What I am suggesting is creating another field to be the Card Title and the value of this field will be defined by automation rules considering if your field is unfilled or filled.


Let me know if works for you and If my explanation was clear enougth.


I hope I have helped! 


kind regards