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  • 3 April 2022
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Hello Team,


How can I get the link to Request Tracker form in subsequent Phase?

Use Case: We have 9 phases in pipe. Request tracker gets sent to the user in the very first initial form phase. In phase 7, we have a dependency on external system to complete one operation and send data back to pipefy to progress further. At this stage, we want to notify original requester that details are sent to external system and along with this notification, we want to send the link of original request submitted by them (Public link which they received when they submitted). So they dont have to keep on searching email to get the access tracker link to see the status of request.


Thanks in advance!


Avni Bhatt


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Hey, @abhatt!

Unfortunately, Pipefy does not have a parameter to automatically generate the process tracking link. Also, this link expires after a while.

I recommend two possibilities:

The first is that you send the default link, where the user can login and track all the processes that are on their behalf:

The second possibility, which is what we usually do here at the company, is to send a follow-up of each card movement. That way, whenever a process changes phase, we send an automatic email from a template with the process update.