Using initial values with email templates

  • 15 March 2021
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Hi everyone! 

Not a long time ago I used initial values to conect two different public forms with email templates.

On public form A we collected a sort of data from a stakeholder X that we used to fill a public form B to another stakeholder (Y). 

At the time I used email template to send the link from public form B with the initial values from public form A. I used the following logic:


[url_from_public-form_B]%field-id_b¹={{dynamic-field_a¹}}&field-id_b²={{dynamic-field_a²}} … 


Does anyone know where am I failling on this? :grin::disappointed_relieved:


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1 reply

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Updating: @felipe-borer helped me to solve the problem! 


:negative_squared_cross_mark:  [url_from_public-form_B]%field-id_b¹={{dynamic-field_a¹}}&field-id_b²={{dynamic-field_a²}} … 

:white_check_mark:  [url_from_public-form_B]?field-id_b¹={{dynamic-field_a¹}}&field-id_b²={{dynamic-field_a²}} …