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  • 28 March 2022
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Is it possible to sort the attachments in a card by date? Or at least highlight the most recent file? it gets messy when there are multiple attachments.


Best answer by Lucas Democh 28 March 2022, 18:08

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3 replies

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Integration would have to be done in an external way.

I normally use Integromat/Make. For up to 1000 operations, it is free.



1) Create folder;
2) Update the card with the folder link;



3) Save files in the folder.




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Hello @Lucas Democh, thanks for the quick reply.

The 2nd option seems a good one for us. Would it required a paid integration with any of those apps, or it can be done more easily?

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Hi @Ramon Nolasco

It is not yet possible to organize attachments in Pipefy.

There are two possibilities to counter this situation:

1) Create separate fields to receive attachments at different stages, so you can see the attachments in the fields and in a better chronological order.

2) Integrate Pipefy with Google Drive and/or Microsoft 365 so that all attachments are saved in a folder and the link to that folder is available in Pipefy. In this way, you can better order the documents within your virtual drive.

If you need help with option two, you can count on me.


Best regards.