Ability to Show Two Dates on Calendar View

  • 20 November 2023
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Is it possible to show two dates on the calendar view? In our process, we have a Project Completion date and a Project Implementation date. Both dates are important, and it would be great to see them both in the Calendar view. 

Is it possible? Is it something that can be added?




Best answer by Lais Laudari 21 November 2023, 16:03

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8 replies

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It's good idea. And the calculation field can be used to generate the planned Vs realized.

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Hello, @carl-bulls 

You can add two due fields one defined with the Project Completion date and other the Project Implementation date.

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Hi @marcosmelo,

What am I missing? When I define two due date fields, it only shows one due date field in the calendar view.



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Hi, @carl-bulls 

Sorry about that, I thought it was possible to use two due dates on the same card to view on the calendar, but the calendar takes the last defined due date.

If it is just for your viewing, you can use the card subtitles configuration to show the two dates you need on the cards.



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Hi @carl-bulls!
Only 1 due date field will be considered (the last field filled in) in the Calendar view.
As mentioned above you can use the card subtitles configuration to show the two dates you need on the cards.

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Hi @Lais Laudari

Using the card subtitles to show my two dates is working well. I do have a question though. Is there any way to remove the “due date” tag/label in the subtitle? Right now, it automatically shows up. I only want to see the two dates as shown above. See @marcosmelo screenshot above for what i’m speaking of. 


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Hello @carl-bulls, how are u? 

In fact, you can't remove the expiration date label. Since it is a due date field, it must generate this alert. 

Unless you use a simple date and time field, which is not a due date field. Then it won't appear. But I think this could interfere with the calendar view. 

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@leandro-almeida Thank You for the confirmation.