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  • 22 June 2022
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Situation: We have a list of contacts used in processes, which ideally should not be shared with anyone. As certain people only should be using some contacts e.g. the partner at our law firm would only be managing director contacting him.

Pipe with Database Connected Field: In an issue resolution pipe we are making these contacts available so people can find the best people to talk to quickly by issue type.

Question: Is there a way to set permissions for which ones display for one user vs. another?

Brainstorming options

  • could we have an assignee field on the contacts database - and this is checked before displaying the records? (this is a filter on the records presented in connected fields, which I think doesn’t exist in pipefy as yet)

Best answer by Ezequiel Souza 22 June 2022, 13:30

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Unfortunately there is no option to filter Database Connected Content.

An option is create a Table of customers
And use the URL to separate the access like this:

Create differents contacts database

Depending on customer you can use the conditional to show or hide the Database Connected Content.

and provide a impression that you are focusing the choose.

I hope that can help.

I wish good luck

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@Ezequiel Souza are you sure this permissions setting in pipes doesn’t cover this?


It seems to me that it does - read here:


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Hi Keto


No the permissions setting in pipes doesn’t cover this.

You don’t need to assigned any permissions in Pipes, Database or other objects.

The users won’t be authenticated.


Good luck

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@Ezequiel Souza just to be clear, we’re using this now.

It works fine for us… it allows card permissions to be set by using assignee and that setting.