Dashboard is not reflecting Database records

  • 22 July 2021
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Hi all,

This is my first month using pipefy and first post here, so hope I am not doing dumb questions. I have created a pipe that has a DB Connection which is populated when the pipe is finished. And also created a dashboard to show some KPIs with the DB data. Did several trial and error configurations until all was good enough and I could go live. Then I deleted all cards, DB entries and started to create real data. For my surprise, the dashboard still shows old data, which is not there in the DB anymore. Any hints on how to clean it?


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5 replies

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Hi @ricardo-fornari, had the same issue here with "ghost-data" on dashboard. Contacted support and there isn't solution at this point, as dashboards is still Beta, they reported the bug and passed along to the tech team.


A few weeks in, "ghost-data" are leaving my dashboard, but not done yet… :disappointed:

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Hi @ricardo-fornari I really sorry that you are facing this "ghost" issue with our Dashboard. :disappointed:
As @paulonavarro said it is a Beta version where we were validating some ideas and how the public would react with it.

But don't worry! We are at finishing version 1.0 of the Analytical Dashboard and we will be releasing it soon (in Q3/2021 yet :blush: )

And then, with this version, you will no longer have this kind of problem. :wink:

Please, let me know if you have more questions regarding the Dashboard.

Kind Regards,

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great! Thanks!

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Hi @Rodrigo Leite , I have upgraded to have the Dashboard Pro, and even after the upgrade, the ghost records are still there. How can I clean these records and have dashboards that reflect my current data?


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Hi @ricardo-fornari, howdy? 

The new Dashboard has not yet been released. We are at the final tests to guarantee that we are not going to have data inconsistencies and these "ghost issues".

Also, we are validating our migration process to migrate the current dashboards from the old dashboard to the new one.

We expect to release it in September yet. :blush:

Kind Regards,