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  • 9 April 2022
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Hello Team,


How can I do a cascading dropdown with Pipefy?

For e.g. I have a dropdown called Employee . When I select any Employee from that, I should be able to automatically populate few text box below it with related attributes.

Database: Employee

Fields: Employee First Name, Employee Last Name, Employee Date of Birth, Employee Location, Employee Status


Pipe Start Form has a dropdown Employee and when I select any employee from list, I would have few text boxes below it which will populate related info for that employee which would be editable. So when I make any changes and submit it, it will move to next phase and at the end it after approvals, those changes will be saved back to employee record.


So the question is, how do I populated related attributes from database to editable text boxes? (Or even non-editable if editable is not possible)



Avni Bhatt


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Hello @abhatt,


Yes, it's possible!

1) Create a connection field in your Pipe (With Table or Pipe)
2) In the field settings, go to "Advanced Options"
3) Check the check "Automatically fill a card's fields with information from the connected card"
4) Select the fields that will be filled in.

It is important to say that this function only works when you are logged in to Pipefy, therefore, it will not work in a public form.

To work in public form, you will need a custom integration.