Dynamic Content - No Longer Gives Access to Layers of Connected Fields

  • 25 August 2022
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Background: We have some pipes that contain connected fields to other Pipes.

It can look like this:

PIPE 1 - the Pipe user’s use

  • Connected Field to Pipe 2
    • Connected Field to Pipe 3 (in the start form for pipe 2)

Problem: A few months ago access to the connected field in pipe 3 disappeared. This broke our pipes using dynamic content to show Pipe 3 data.

Clarification: I’ve been told several times it’s a bug that is being worked on. But several months down the line I’m just wondering if the feature has been discontinued - it’s unusual for a bug to last so long.


Would appreciate any input on this - it was a very cool feature/ that allowed us to really make the most of pipefy’s connected fields (probably the most valuable and differentiated feature). This downgrade in functionality has unfortunately has limited its use for us.


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7 replies

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I will check with the dev team about the progress of this bug =)
In the meantime, could you record a video showing how these connected fields look like?

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Is there already an update to this, e.g. that happened privately/per E-Mail?

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No update on this @genietim . When I ask, i just get “the developer team are working on it.”

It would help if I had a ‘bug tracking number’ or something like that, as I’m not sure I’m getting answered for the correct bug all the time.

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Same problem here.

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Hi guys, how are you?😀
Regarding this question,I just saw that the bug is in priority resolution =)
To follow up on this bug,I suggest opening a chat with our support team,reporting that you're having this problem,so we can let you know by email when the bug is solved!

To open a chat with our support team,please follow these steps:

If you have any questions, the support team is at your disposal =)

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Esse problema foi resolvido? 

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Hello @cristiano_prio, how are you? 

Thanks for waiting. At the moment the BUG is being treated as a priority, but because it has a slightly higher degree of complexity, it is taking longer. But if you want to receive the notification when the BUG is solved, just open a ticket on our chat, as my colleague Karine showed above. Ok?