How to move a card to a new pipe?

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I want to create an automation that moves a card from one pipe to the next.  I’m able to do this as a workaround with an automation that creates a new child card in the desired destination pipe, but I would rather move the card itself than create a new child card.  Are there options for this?


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I do not think that there is a Pipefy-only-way other than the one you described (note that there is not even a non-automation way to move a card from one pipe to another, as far as I know; mainly because the pipes could have different fields etc., leading to incompatibilities).

Therefore, I expect there to be no other way than to create the card anew in the target pipe. If you are not happy with the existence of the parent-child relationship, you might want to look into external integrations, such as make (formerly integromat), Zappier or a custom integration using Pipefy’s GraphQL API.

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Thanks for the response and confirming my assumption!

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Hi @aaron-smith , how are you doing?
Currently it's not possible to duplicate cards unfortunately. But you can use this automation to create a new card with the information of another.
Take a look at this article:

Let me know if I can help you with anything else!🤗