Integration of Pipefy with maps (GPS) features

  • 27 April 2022
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In my company (dedicated to services in Precision Agriculture Area) I have a couple of teams always in the field, doing maintenance/ instalation of our products (sensors, stations, etc.) or doing field work services (flying drones, take soil samples, etc.). 

Sometimes we see an issue in the field (damaged tube in the irrigation pipe, fallen tree, pest or disease in a plant, etc.) that we would like to open a ticket (a card!) in a pipe, in order to solve the problem. This ticket should have a photo and a GPS location of the issue. 

In Pipefy, I can do all of this except the GPS location (and the possibility of checking all the issues in a map view). 

Is there any way of creatiing / adding points in a specific map in google maps (in my account), in order to have the points of the issues (cards) I create in Pipefy in a map view? Or at least to save a GPS point in a new card created? Since Pipefy does not do it itself (it should, a button called GPS point!!!), is there any form of integration to create this pipe for teams working in the field? 

I bet there must be a lot of companies with the same need. 







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@Lucas Democh and @alicereis 

ideas on how Integromat could help him? 

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Thanks for tagging me @Juliana Spinardi 

Yes, we managed to solve it in some ways with integromat/make.


Solution 1:
1) In the Pipefy form, the user fills in the latitude and longitude.
2) We used Integromat to create a custom Google Maps link in the format (,-54.5803591,14.81z)
3) We save this link in a text field in Pipefy.


Solution 2:
Use the Google Maps integration module for more complex integrations, such as creating a custom map and linking this map with a card.



Let me know if the first scenario suits you or if you need something more complex.

If you need help developing the integration scenario, I'll be happy to help.