Ok, we want to retrieve data from another card in another pipe, is that even possible?

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  • We have a “reimbursable expenses portal (REP)” for our contractors
  • We have a “project pipe (PP)” that contains all information (customer, dates, location, etc) of a given project
  • The “project pipe” has an ID# field 
  • In the REP, we want the contractor to input the ID# and then pull all the information, so the user knows that he in inputting data in the correct project



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To permit that information from a Pipe synchronizes with another Pipe you can use use automation “When a card is created” → “Create a new card or connected register” to reflect fields. When you do this, the Pipes become Father and Child.


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Ezequiel, hi - I think we are almost there. When I created the automation in the REC pipe, and chose the fields that should be brought from the PP, received the following error messages:



Comments: 1) what is causing the infinite creation of cards? 2) some of the fields are mandatory but will be filled by the user. How can we pass the “mandatory” fields if we are still creating the card? 


Thank you! 

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The first message is happening because there is another automation that doing the update in against this new one, generating the infinity cycle.  You need to review it.

The second message is happening because this scenario:

You have mandatory field in the Child and must be changed to no mandatory to configure the integration between them and after you save the automation you can go back the mandatory properties.


Good Luck.