Send out email in bulk to a selection made in the reports

  • 25 May 2021
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I’ll give an example to describe this →

I have multiple companies using Salesforce as their CRM.

I’ve made a report to filter them, which is going really good:ok_hand: !

Next thing I want to do is to send out a mail to this selection only, saying that there was an issue in f.ex. the connection with Salesforce and our company. (I’ve foreseen the field email of course :))

That way I can easlliy communicate with the filtered cards.



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I believe this is not possibly directly with only Pipefy. What you can do though, for example:


  • - export your report (including the E-Mails)
  • - use either (A) some Newsletter/E-Mail service like MailChimp etc., for sending the E-Mail to all the people in the report or (B)use the GraphQL API of Pipefy to trigger an automation for the rows in the report sending the E-Mail, e.g.: on card creation, send E-Mail. Using GraphQL API you create the cards from the Excel/CSV.
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Hello @bart-batselier 


I set up two flows in Integromat that solve this type of demand:


  1. Sending notification / email with all cards in a given phase:

This flow picks up all cards in a given Pipe and sends notification via Discord and Gmail. It is fired daily.


  1. Sending an email / notification with all records in a Pipefy table that meet certain conditions:

This flow sends monthly the list of birthdays for the month based on the Pipefy contributors table.

I'm a partner of Pipefy and Integromat. If you need some support in configuring these flows, you can call me.