Sending a single phase form multiple times to the same recipient allowing them to resubmit the form with a different response

  • 19 January 2023
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I’m using pipefy to automate my company’s purchase orders life cycle . The issue i’m experiencing is that the service my company provides usually has multiple orders of the same service, causing a card to move back and forth between different phases and the main phase of the purchase life cycle has a form that sends automatically once a card enters the phase. However, when the card reenters that phase, the phase form that sends to the customer is already pre-filled from their prior response to the form the first time it entered the phase. 


Is there a way to have a phase form send the same form while allowing a new response in the fields? 




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Natively it is not possible to send the same form to more than one destination. Once filled, it keeps the information on the card.
But an alternative that may be viable is to create hidden, empty fields and automate filling them with the contents of the empty field when a card returns to a certain phase. This way the field erases the information that has already been filled in.

Hopefully I have helped you in your case.