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  • 18 August 2022
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can you create a connection from an initial card to different phases with different people in charge of those faces and when each person finishes the assigned task it goes to a last phase?


Best answer by Ezequiel Souza 18 August 2022, 13:27

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For this you need to create different phases where different groups can be assigned.


Phase 1 Group 1  act, when done, the Automation can move the card to Phase 2 (other automation to clean up the Assigned people and assignee new ones) where Group 2 can be Group 1 assigned is cleared and Group 2 must be assigned and this going on until finish all phases.


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Another option for this case is to use a child pipe (pipe 2)

When the card is created/moved on pipe 1, creates child cards for each responsable on pipe 2 and when all of them are finished moves the parent card on pipe 1.


I hope it helped.