When I reply an e-mail using the Shared Inbox a new card is created

  • 9 July 2023
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Hello all !

I have a problem with the shared Inbox feature that I want to share with you.

When one of my agents answer a client a new card is create.


For example:
client 1 → pipe email 1 received  → card A is created

agent answer pipe email 1 → card B is created


The expected was:

agent answer pipe email 1 → the answer keeps below card A


And the reason I think this happens as you can see in the below image is when I answer an email the pipe e-mail address is on copy and triggers the creation of a new card.



Any help there?


For me, it doesn´t make any sense to put the destination e-mail (pipe's email) in copy on a reply.


Thank you!


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3 replies

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​ Hi @marcosmelo , yes I know that automation but it isn't the problem.


My point is:

How to not create a new card when reply to an e-mail of another card using the shared inbox feature?


Do you see?

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Hi @Paulo Rodrigues 
check if there is an automation that creates a card when an email is answered
See this article

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Hi @Paulo Rodrigues 
I have no idea. I suggest you talk to support