Update select options in pipe

  • 29 September 2021
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I have a question field selection option and 100 option values (my clients).

How can send an update via API to change the values in the pipe so new cards have new options?

3 replies

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Is your question how you can set the options in an options field via GraphQL API?

An example query/mutation could look like this:


mutation {
updatePhaseField(input: {
id: the_field_id,
label: "The field Label",
options: [
"Option 1", "Option 2", ...
}) {

Note that there are a few placeholders you will have to replace for your specific case.

See also the documentation for this mutation.

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I have an exiting pip, where do i declare its id?

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Where you can declare the id of the pipe in this `updatePhaseField` mutation? The following post answers exactly that, better than I could: