How to change currency field in Pipefy

  • 6 July 2020
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How to change the currency field to Euro or other currencies? 


Best answer by Juliana Spinardi 14 January 2021, 19:48

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9 replies

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Hi, Jay! How are you? If you use Pipefy in Portuguese, the currency will be automatically in Real. If you use the platform in English, the currency is dolar. 


We’re working to improve this feature! In case you need to use more than a currency in the same form,  you can use the numeric field and specify a currency in the description.


I hope I helped you!





Hi Juliana,


any updates on this? I prefer to use Pipefy in English, but I need EUR instead of USD.



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Hello, @borisg How are you? 

We still working on this feature. Our solution is to use the numeric field and add EUR. 

as soon I have updates on this, I’ll let you know! 

I hope I helped you! ;) 



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Wow months down the line and still to help with this. Surely your customer base is worldwide, why has this not been a priority? We want to use £ and there is no option to change - really poor.

Adding another voice to this request. Let us choose the currency of the pipe

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@borisg  Could you please let it as an idea? This way we can give more visibility to this feature! 


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Adding another voice to this request. Let us choose the currency of the pipe


Hello, @skylab How are you? 

We know that a bunch of clients ask for this improvement. 
It would be super nice if you help us by voting HERE for this idea. 
I voted as well!

Thanks a lot! 

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@skylab  You can change currencies by creating a Select field with the options ($. R$. etc) and then a number field! 

Let me know if it helped you.

Hi Juliana,

Any progress regarding the changing of currencies?  Or if there is a way to at least change the currency symbol?