Ability to use EUR instead of USD in any language version of Pipefy

This has been asked about multiple times in the community, but I did not see where it had been submitted as an idea. Members are needing to use different types of currency regardless of which language version they are using of pipefy.

We are waiting for this since a year now, thanks to the post https://community.pipefy.com/ask-the-community-43/how-to-change-currency-field-in-pipefy-287 thinking that it would be available soon.

When you implement it: please do not limit yourself to EUR, also enable other currencies! (In my case, I would require CHF).

AND: let me migrate existing currency fields, please (just a change of the “label”, no need to do currency-conversion).

Thanks for formally requesting it here in the community, @dgodfrey and @genietim.

This improvement (currency localization) has already reached us a few times in the recent past and I can assure you that we have it in our list of improvements.

Giovanni Basso

Product Manager
Messaging, Integrations, Mobile and Community

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It would be really nice if this could be added soon!

It would be great if not just the Dollar and Euro, but also currencies from other countries when this gets built in

GBP too please!

Love the idea of No Code/Low Code but it would win a lot more followers if it can demonstrate that it does the simple things without compromising on silly things like a single currency.

I think that we should be able to select a number of currencies for this. It’s been 2 years since this was requested - is there any plan to resolve?