New card automation w/information transfer without parent/child relationship

  • 20 July 2023
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I need a way to transfer information from one card in “pipe A” to a new card in “pipe B” using an automation without the parent/child relationship. Can someone help me with this please?


Best answer by Leonardo Lucena 20 July 2023, 21:26

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4 replies

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Hi @jorden-monroe , how are you? Within the platform, unfortunately it is not possible to do this action without being connected. This is because the connection between the two pipes is used as a connection parameter, for the information to leave the correct card of a pipe, to go to the correct field, of the card of another pipe.

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There is an option using integrations tools like Workato or Integromatic.
They can do what you need.


Good luck!

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The pipe connection is fine. I just didn’t want the cards connected.  I figured it out, but I appreciate the insight! 

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Hi Jorden

As I said using  integrations tools like Workato or Integromatic you can “create cards between pipes” even that they aren’t be parent-child.

Good luck