What is the purpose of CreatePresignedUrlInput?

  • 27 July 2020
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I can send file thru S3 using the signed option, and also download back the same file. But, what tha purpose of this method, because I can't connect a file to database and card neither.


What the objective to have a s3 object associated with my organization? Just to create markdown links to images or documents?


I need to use the API to send to card file attachments. That option would work flawlessly.


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Hey Michel, 


The purpose of the CreatePresignedUrlInput is to create the S3 presigned URL and than send the file to attach to a card. 


This mutation is available on Enterprise features plan.


Feel free to contact us to know more about it. 

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Ok thanks.

It's frustrating having access to API, to S3 to update the field, but it didn't work with you current plan. :expressionless:

I'll use another tool for that.