Integrate Pipefy with other tools using Custom Integrations! ⚙️

  • 4 August 2020
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Integrate Pipefy with other tools using Custom Integrations! ⚙️
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Hello Doers! 


We have some exciting news to share with you! Later this year we’ll officially launch a new way to integrate Pipefy with other tools. This will empower our users to ensure the transmission of information between different parties is automatic and error-proof and be confident that the entire operation is visible and controlled in a single place. :bulb:



I’m talking about things like:

  • Updating employee personal information, posting job openings to job boards and collecting signatures

  • Optimizing reconciliation, synchronizing purchase information, controlling cash flow and updating balance sheets

  • Managing NPS, churn requests, updating directories, customer documents and support tickets’ statuses

  • Sending automatic SMS texts to requesters and stakeholders


The sky is the limit. And the great news is: new customers will only get access to Custom Integrations depending on their contract. But we are making this add-on available to all of our current customer base as a way to thank you for all the trust and feedback and to help you gain efficiency during these challenging times. :rocket:


Attached to this message there is a guide to help you understand how these integrations can make your life easier.


If you're interested in integrating Pipefy with your favorite tools, answer this form.


Excited to build a well-oiled, connected operation with you,


Felipe Scholz

Community Manager 



7 replies

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Awesome, @Felipe Scholz :clap_tone1::clap_tone1::clap_tone1:


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This is awesome!!

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This is incredible! :heart_eyes:  @thaiannelourenco  and @erickgouveia we need to check what apps we want to integrated to Pipefy and answer the form. 

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I already answered the form @rebeca.venancio with the PowerBI, Google Sheets and Gmail integrations :heart_eyes:

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@Janaina_Barreto e @michel.novofoco ,
This is the new way to integrate Pipefy with other tools.

I filled out the form with the integrations we already do here at Novofoco: Pipedrivre, Nibo, Google Drive and PowerBI.

Do you remember any other integration?

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Really nice!!:grinning:

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Office 365 is a must. Form submitted.