Introduction | Learn more about our Apps framework

  • 18 March 2021
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Introduction |  Learn more about our Apps framework
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Developing your own Pipefy app is simple. We built the framework in a way that allows you use intuitive Javascript APIs to build powerful products or integrations on Pipefy’s platform. Display or update external data, add feature buttons to your Pipe, create new tabs on cards, attach data to cards, and open modals or sidebars to display customized views.

The Apps run in iframes in the product, so you can build Apps with any technology you like, including server-side technologies. The framework also gives your Apps access to various product resources by using consistent APIs.



Getting Started

Here we will describe how to get started on building Apps. Our framework is intuitive and easy to learn so you’ll be able to quickly pick our sample projects, remix on Glitch, and activate Apps inside your organization.

You will need to be an admin for the Pipefy team where you want to add your App. It doesn't matter whether the team is free or paid. We'll need your App Name and an HTTPS based manifest to get you setup. Click below to get started.



How does it work?

All apps have a 


 file that specifies where we will do the initial request and app name, description, etc. This is an example from the app.



Checkout and remix app code - Remix on Glitch 


Click here to learn more about manifest.json attributes 


What happens after manifest.json?

Pipefy will create an iframe calling the 


 specified in the 


, on this page you will include the Pipefy Client JS to interact with framework API and call the 


 from our JS client.


You can then build the app using any client-side or server-side technology you like. You can build apps using only client-side technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. You can use Glitch to learn, build and host apps.


4 replies

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Hi @Juliana Spinardi 

I`ve trying to publish a simple app just to understand how the proccess works but I`m having issues with it. After I register the app the description nor the images are shown and if I try to enable the app it gives me a error.

Beside that I would like to know How I can remove previous tests I made. Is that possible?

Best Regards,

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Hi @anderson-sanchez-buildit 


Can you give more details on the error you get? Could it be related to the manifest not being valid json, or not being found? Could you share the link to your app so we could take a look/install it on my side to test it out?


Best regards,

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Hi @genietim 

Thank you for your reply.

This is my manifest:

The ideia is just a button alerting a hello world. As I said I`m trying firstly to understand how the SDK works.


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Hi @anderson-sanchez-buildit!
Could you contact our support team, please? They will be able to investigate what is happening in your case.😉