I have some contracts that need to be renegotiated or requested to be renewed, prior to three months of the expiry date. Currently the alerts in pipefy do not help me with that. They are only the following. 

Types of alerts


Before configuring alerts for a recruiting pipe, it’s important to understand there are three types of alerts, all of which can be triggers for automations. They are:

  • Overdue: when the card exceeds its due date

  • Late: when a card exceeds the phase time limit

  • Expired: when a card exceeds the recruitment workflow time limit

Hi @Sergio Costa I was testing here to see if there is some way to do so but I couldn’t do it. However I'll submit your idea and share your feedback internally so that we can analyze it😊
Thank you! 

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Hello @Veronica Marin 

I really appreciate the effort, but due to my company needs I will end up selecting another solution for the timebeing (1 year). I will keep my eyes open to the further developments of Pipefy, though. I really enjoyed testing this interactive tool. Good job.


Thank you very much for your reply! 😊



@Sergio Costa 

With today's automations, it is possible to build an automation to meet your need.

You need to create a "due alert date" field. This field would be filled by an automation with a relative date, which would be equal to the original contract due date reduced by 90 days.

This expiration field could generate a trigger and move the card to a "contracts expiring in 3 months" phase at the same time as updating the next alert field.

We have cases where we have 90, 60 and 30 day notifications.

I remain at your disposal for further clarification.