Automatically generate PDF and attach to email template

We were trying to generate pdfs and email it to customers.

Having to download and re-attach the generated pdf template on an attachment field kills out the whole automation process we were expecting to accomplish.

So allowing to autofill an attachment field with a predefined pdf template would be enough to use it dinamically on an email template.

@Nithael Sampaio Thx for the feedback! Are you sending a high volume of PDF templates via email today? What is the major impact in your operation having to do this manually? 

@Nithael Sampaio I requested the same thing. Let me explain my situation:

How the process worked before Pipefy: Project Manager fills out “Labor Request” form (PDF), saves it, emails it to shop superintendent, Shop superintendent prints form and hand delivers it to person who is chosen to fulfill the labor request.

The benefits of bringing this process into Pipefy: PM sometimes has to send dozens of forms for one project, however instead of having to manually fill out each form as before, Pipefy allows the information to be captured naturally as the project progresses and all of the data captured is automatically inserted into forms using the email templates.

PMs no longer have to save and organize all of their project forms. Forms are all maintained within Pipe. (I am interested in being able to back up pipefy data locally)


  1. Submitted emails are lacking from a visual standpoint. Just looks like a table/spreadsheet.
  2. Email platforms like Outlook print all emails “memo” style with sender and recipient info at top which cause one page forms to print on 2 pages.
  3. Emails are pipefy branded

Any update on this idea? I’d love to see this become a reality. We’re working on implementing a new process in Pipefy and being able to automate the creation of PDFs so that they can be automatically generated and included in an email template or other automation would be very useful and save us lots of time!

Any news regarding this idea?

I´m in the same situation as the colleague above.

Agreed, this is the core of automation. When the PDF is created by an automation processes should also have access to all of the integrated apps for that specific pipe. I’m sure others can benefit from not only sending it through email but attaching it to a slack message or any other number of things.

This would be extremely helpful.  I’m interested in this capability in terms of automatically emailing a vendor an attached PDF purchase order.  

I think I currently have a small workaround by generating a PDF in a phase, downloading the PDF, attaching the PDF in the same phase, and then have an automation email the attachment in the body of the email.  However, the attachment in the email is a long and clunky URL.  

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