Button to Create a new card but have it linked to original card

I would like to see an option to create a new card from an old card and have a simple way to see it was created from an old card.  I currently have a pipe where at a certain point the customer is quoted for purchasing additional items.  If the customer accepts we have to create a new card for the new order but there is no way to link/refer back to the original order.  

Great idea. Today, as an alternative, I use the Allow autofill based on previous submissions option, available when editing the form, but in sequential sending

Your idea is more effective.



Another alternative that I just did here in my environment is to create an automation that fills in a new card with information from the card you want. I created a phase called Clone, and when moving the base card to this phase, a new card is created with this information. It's a workaround, but it helps, for now.

And when the copy is finished, you can create an automation to return the original card to the phase it was in or move it manually.






Hello, everyone! Yes, I believe the best way to do it, is to have either on the phase where the new card needs to be created, or at the pipe level, a connection with the pipe where the new card will be created. It can be either the same pipe, or another. Using the autofill as @marcosmelo suggested in his first answer will make it easier the process of creating the card, still allowing things to be changed in case of need.