Navigate through Requests (Filter results)

We use different fields as Card titles depending on the Pipe but what all e-mails have in common is the card ID so we can find whatever card they need help with in whatever pipe.

With that said, users can´t use their card ID to find their request in the tab “Requests” because it only looks for the title….. It would be great to be able to filter by pipe name, date, status and ID!

Good Idea!

Hello, @ManuSanches 

Good idea

Here is a suggestion that I applied in some cases similar to yours.
To palliatively address this, I created an automation to update a text field with all the fields I need in the filter search. This way, the text field that will receive this concatenated information can be used as the card title and solves the problem


Then, when a card is created, the automation fills the text field with the information I want, separated by a hyphen


Then, I define the concatenated text field as the card title



And the title of the card will have the information defined in the concatenated text field, making it easier to find.
In my case, I have the ID, CEP and UF




I hope this tip can help you while the pipefy team develops this improvement.

@marcosmelo that is a possibility but the long number will occupy most of the title field which is also not ideal…. but thank you for this idea! Might consider it! It uses a lot of automations though and we have 56 pipes as of now 🙃

Yes, the problem is the consumption of automations.

This makes a lot of sense @ManuSanches ! I'm submitting the idea here so the team responsible for improving the requests experiences can take a look. Thanks for sending it!