RegEx pattern to limit the amount of files sent in a field


I use in my email templates some dynamic fields as attachment fields and to prevent the recipient from copying and pasting the URL, I adjusted the visual editor to leave a hyperlink to these files, the problem is that it is not possible to control through the tool the amount of attachment that is made in the field, When the attachment field has 2 or more files, an error is presented, which makes it impossible to view and download the file. I talked to support and in fact there is no function of the RegEx standard, just choose the extension of this file (pdf, png...) My suggestion here is to ask the Dev's to create a RegEx pattern to limit the amount of attachments in a field in order to avoid this error.

Thank you.

It’s good point!  Add your need in the Idea area!

I made a mistake.  I hope that you idea could be implemented asap.

It would be a great help

That'd indeed be helpful on this email template sending situation. I'll submit your suggestion here, thanks @david-brenner !