Table Improvements


Today we still have some parallel processes and control that happen outside of Pipefy under the three justifications below:


  1.  Difficulty when editing tables and cards: In Pipefy, we need to click on each record we want to edit, search for the field, change it and repeat the process as many times as necessary. This makes it very difficult to perform bulk changes.


Suggestion:  Allow editing on cell click (similar to Sheets/Excel). This applies to Pipefy tables and the Pipes list view.


  1. We were unable to filter cards or records effectively.

Suggestion: Add filters function by field in tables and Pipes. This solves a lot of other problems.


  1. We are unable to create conditional columns with calculation. 

Suggestion: Create a conditional column/field function with simple arithmetic calculations, word processing and dates.

Hello @Lucas Democh thank you for your detailed feedback, it is very nice how you describe your pain and the suggestion! I will be submitting your idea to the product team!