• 8 March 2022
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We have made our payment in time, with the known Mastercard.

However it seems the payment is declined, therefor we are 1 month in delay of payment.

The account is still open but we cannot access the billing page anymore, which seems a not logical.

We want to make the payment, but we are prohibited to do the update ? How in earth can we solve this?

We even want to pay upfront for the whole year if someone please can help us ?!

Can you please investigate and return to us asap, since you also blocked the mailintegration now !

Extra remark : We can even prove the payment. We are the market leaders in Belgium and the Netherlands for recurring payments, and fast expanding in Europe so we know how the payment system work !



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2 replies

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@bart-batselier  I’m so sorry to hear you are facing issues with Pipefy.  I've sent your case to financial support and they will get in touch with you. Can you please let me know if you need anything more?

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@Juliana Spinardi  is able to redirect you to the right hooneybadger to solve your problem :)