Accessing Data from Second Level Connected Database

  • 25 May 2022
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We have a pipe + two databases set up as follows:

PIPE → connection field → DATABASE 1 → connection field →  DATABASE 2

So basically the PIPE is connected to database 2 via database 1 connection (since database 1 has connected field to database 2)

Is there a way to access the database 2 fields from the PIPE?

When you select the database 1 entry from the pipe, you can scroll to fields in say ‘dynamic content’ in a content field. However, when you click on the database 2 field - it provides you with data from one field (there’s no option to select the field).

Hopefully I’m making myself clear.



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Thanks for share an another option!



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Hey @Ezequiel Souza 

I actually discovered how Pipefy implements the structure from above natively.

Here’s the solution:

  1. Add a field to store the specific field from database 2 in database 1 (e.g. numeric field if it’s numeric data, with same name as the field in database 2).
  2. Add connected field to database 1 - to database 2 records
  3. Click “Advanced” on the connection field options
  4. Click “Autofill Fields wtih connected card information”
  5. Select the new field you created in database 1 and connect the database 2 field you want added to it.
  6. Repeat step 1 and 5 as needed.

Hope this is helpful to someone else 😀

As for the process/ logic, I don’t understand your comment - and this could be my lack of understanding.

How I understand things, is that I was attempting to mimic something that’s used in standard practice to link database tables via ID fields. This is how relationships are established between databases.

In Pipefy the Connection Field takes the role of the ID relationship (simplified).

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding something here. Would love to learn - so if you have any ideas on how this could be structured simpler please let me know. Simpler is always better.

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The connection between database 1 and database 2 it’s means the record from database 2 is an attribute of record into database 1.


The idea is when you choose the data into Database 1 the record in this database “load” the register where de record of database 2 as an attribute.


You can’t to see the record of register from database 2 as an option to be choosed, it’s is against the database concept.


I suggest to  review your process/logic to transform this in something simple.


Good luck