Add new start_form fields via api

  • 17 November 2020
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Is it possible to add start_form fields via the api?


Best answer by Nicole Chiroli 17 November 2020, 19:24

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Hello @Amanda L., how are you doing?

It is :) You can use something like this:

phase_id:”id of the start form phase
  type: "type of the field"
      label: "label of the field"
      options: ["Yes", "No"] (if applicable)
      description: "description of the field"
      required: true  (if applicable)
      editable: false (if applicable)
  ) {
    phase_field {

If you have any other questions let me know! :)

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Hi @Nicole Chiroli,


Please can you clarify where to find the start form id?


thanks :)

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@jon71you find the start form id in the URL bar in three steps as follows:


or, written out:


  1. 1. Edit any phase
  2. 2. Click on the “Start Form”
  3. 3. Choose any of the start form fields
  4. 4. Copy the phase id from the URL
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@Janaina_Barreto sobre o que conversamos hoje mais cedo. :point_up_2:

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Ola @Juliana Spinardi e @Nicole Chiroli - acho que isto deve ter mudado pois nao consigo acessar uma URL que mostre o phase id do start_form. Estou tentando fazer a criacao de campos no start_form via the GraphQL API para evitar o trabalho manual de criar 50 campos. Grato, Alex

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Managed to get the startFormPhaseId executing this graphql query (where xxx is the pipe id.

  pipe(id: XXXXXX) {