Another super usar cannot see my work

  • 22 November 2023
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Hi everyone, here's a question, I have a company with a pipe and a database that I created, in the company we are 2 super users but when I create a pipe the other super user cannot see it if I don't make him a member of the pipe and he also cannot see the records within the database if I do not make him a member. What could be the problem?

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3 replies

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Hum, @sistemas-lehit 

By default, Pipefy does not add administrators to pipes.  It is necessary to become a member of the created pipe.

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hi @marcosmelo I thought that a super administrator automatically had access to all the company's pipes and databases even if I didn't make them a member
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Yes, you can access them all, but you need to include yourself or be included in them.

In the following link, more details about user types