any chance you can see to this asap

  • 24 August 2021
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this system doesnt have an internal viewer for a simple uploaded PDF.. 

every time u click on an uploaded PDF it downloads the PDF to your computer this is causing a massive overload of copies non stop for me. fix it please. like today


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Why don’t you just configure your browser to open the PDF instead of downloading it?

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that is not the point. this system should have a viewer that should open it just like it does in trello and just like it does when the format uploaded is a picture

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So your idea is a duplicate of the following, yes?


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and my browser is well configured and it shouldnt be downloadingh it. i worked amazingly good in trello. there is an issue on here specifically. try it then tell me

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yes i think he is saying the same thing. only difference he is offering an idea. im telling you that this is a major issue i have about 700 files downloaded 

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If I configure in Firefox, for example, to open the PDF in Firefox (see here:, the file gets saved to a temporary directory and therewith does not land in the downloads folder. For me, that works, but yes, of course, that is still not “as good” for your purposes as the idea proposed by @tsartori . What browser are you using?

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Hello Guys, hahaha

I use Brave

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Hey @targettoyota, thanks a lot for your thoughts and feedbacks, it’s things like these that help us to improve our product everyday.
I saw your comments on this post and on others across our community, and we’ve been working on many of the topics you covered, such as:

  • Faster updates rather than the refreshing to see changes: we recently (last Friday) release a new version of our Reports, both pipe’s and org’s, where you now can navigate to it as a view and open all your cards there, much faster. Also, our home page had in the past weeks been improved by 70% on it’s time to load, all aiming to give users a better experience;
  • Keeping card open: there is already a version of the card you can do that (when you access then on Reports, for example), and we are studying all of our scenarios to see when this behavior will be best applied;
  • Regarding PDF we are considering a few options, but we don’t have a detailed plan to work yet, as soon as we have we will share here on our community;

Surely we have a lot to learn, we have as a goal to always keep learning and continuously improve to deliver the best experience while empowering you all, the doers, to drive changes in your work! And that’s why @Nicole Chiroli will get in contact with you to schedule a chat where we can go even deeper on the feedbacks you already shared here and learn more about it.

While it seems this conversation has wrapped up a while ago, I’d like to comment that another quick solution to this problem that I have used and recommended for clients is to download a pdf viewer browser extension. Most of my clients and I use chrome so I got an extension from the chrome web store aptly titled PDF viewer. Hope this helps someone!