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  • 25 February 2021
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Hello all!! I really need a Help.


I’m working in a process wich will have a card created in a Public Form. After the card creation and validations some of the cards are going to need an external approval

Can you see a way to get that approval not using email template?


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7 replies

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I might need a few more details. The approval is just a “yes” or “no”? Or more complicated? And is the approval done by a Pipefy user or not? What needs to be done to notify the “external” that a card has to be approved — send an E-Mail? And why not use E-Mail templates?


In essence, you can send E-Mails and other notifications also from external services such as Integromat or Zapier, automatically as soon as a card is created, if you do not want to use Pipefy’s E-Mail template feature.

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If your question is how to let an external user (not one of your paying Pipfefy users) approve a request, one method would be to use another portal with connected cards and prefilled values.


The setup would be the following:

  • - request pipe with portal
  • - approval pipe with portal
    • -- Autofill connected field “request” using prefilling in portal (or let the approving person select, but then you need some security mechanisms),
    • -- Use conditional to hide field “request” when filled,
    • -- Use automation to set approval state in request pipe as soon as the “request” field in the approval pipe changed
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Hey @genietim thank for your reply!


Let me give you a better picture of the scenario and I’m gonna use a purchase process to explain. Someone, in the company, will create a card asking to purchase team buy some pens. After that, the purchase team will look for the better supplier and will perform the negotiation. So, before the team close the process they would like to have a supplier approval with a Yes or No field on a card. However, as this supplier is not a Pipefy user, I’m having some problems finding a way to solve this problem.



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Ok, I see. Apart from custom GraphQL stuff etc., there are two solutions with Pipefy only.


The first solution is pretty much my second proposal: an additional pipe with a portal.

In your example, the purchase team moves the card to phase “awaiting approval”. An E-Mail template is sent to the supplier, which contains the portal link to the second, “approval”, pipe with a prefilled connected “purchase” card (i.e. connected to pipe “purchase”), which is hidden using conditionals. Use an automation: on creation of a card in the “approval” pipe, update the connected “purchase” to the value specified in “approval”.


The second, better solution; if you have access to Pipefy Beta, you can use Public Phase Portals.

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Hi guys, I have a process that I want someone who don't have access to the pipefy platform send an document in a phase that is not the initial one and the functionality of Public Phase Form mentioned would be really good for it. Could someone tell me how is possible to have access to this beta functionality of if will be available soon for everyone?

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@Amanda Zepechouka I just got the notification that the feature left Beta and should be available for everyone.

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Just jumping in here to add another thank you to @genietim because I didn’t know about Phase Forms and they could be PERFECT for a new pipe I’m working on. Thanks for pointing us all in the right direction!