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  • 15 December 2021
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Hi doers.


Is there a way to have fields auto-populate in a start form based on their answers to other fields? E.g. If someone Chooses “Category 1” as an answer to “What category is your request a part of?”, can several other fields in the form auto-populate with values we always associate with Category 1? 


I first assumed this would need to be an automation (when a field is updated > update a field), but it doesn’t seem to be working. Then I thought maybe it would be a conditional, but the conditionals only seem to give me the option to Show or Hide fields, not to auto-populate them. 


Any suggestions?


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5 replies

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Hi Sarah

I have this same situation using Conditional and automation in the Start Form. They are run as expected.

When the option1 was chosen the condicional show the options regarding to option1 and the automation already update the content.

But the is some attention about:
1) Inside of automation When the field was updated, choose the Conditional for that



It’s important to declare the conditional to get better results.


I hope to help you.


Ezequiel Souza

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Thank you @Ezequiel Souza  let me try that and see if it works on my pipe.

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I still can’t seem to get it to work.


This is the automation I’ve set up:

With these conditions:


But when I fill out the start form, nothing fills in automatically. Am I missing something?

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I opened a support case with Pipefy in case it was a technical issue. I was just informed by @carlos-roberto (hope I’m tagging the right person) that it’s not possible to use automations on the start form. This is a known limitation of the product and the expected behaviour. 

I’ll make a post here in the community to add it as an idea for future improvements.

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Very good! I use conditional fields a lot.