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  • 11 January 2021
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I am having a great deal of difficulty using the connection mechanism to autofill fields on a card from information in the database (I assume this can be done). I have created the connection and linked the fields and ensured the fields are of the same type in both the database and the card.

 The cards will track installation jobs from quote through installation and I don’t want to add a recurring customer’s information into the card every time a contractor needs another job. I want to select their record from the database menu and have the fields on the card reflect that customer’s contact information (phone, email, name, etc.).

I have created the fields in phase 2 and I make the connection in phase 1, but my test customer’s contact information never populates in the card’s fields.


Best answer by Roberto Chavarria 18 January 2021, 14:50

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Hello! To do this action, you’d have to create an automation to do this, as the autofill only fills in Database records with information from cards, and not vice-versa. 

Here’s an example of such automation:


In this example, I’m filling the pipe’s short text field with a short text field from the record that was selected. To have this automation work, that database connection field must already be filled out.

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Thank you Roberto! I was able to follow your procedure successfully.