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  • 20 April 2022
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I have a phase which my sales team access trough a link they receive by email (for card’s current phase). In this phase, there are 2 possible outcomes: They either attach a new file and write down some comments - and an automation moves the card to final phase and process is finished - or they can request a new updated (creating a new record - it is a field connected with a database), and in this case an automation will move the card back one phase.


That works fine at first, but then I have a problem. When there are previous records on that connection field (updates requested in the past), even if I don’t change them or create a new one - the automation will always run as if that field was updated, just because there where information from the past. 

Example: Salesperson A had previously requested 3 updates (there are 3 record there created on the connected database). Those were all completed. Now we just need her to Attach a file and write her comments so that the card reaches the final phase. What happens is the automations will move first the card back one phase - because of those records who were now untouched - and only then move the card the final phase. It is a problem to our process because when the card goes back at first, it triggers an email that was not supposed to go this time as there was not a new update request.


Sorry for the long explanation, but can someone help me with it?




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Hi @Ramon Nolasco, how are you doing?

I believe that you can add some conditionals in you automation to avoid this scenario!

Take a look at this article:

If you still have any doubt, please, open a chat with our support team!
It will be a pleasure to help you!😀