• 24 November 2023
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Hi Everyone, how can i make a backups of my pipes and data bases? 


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Hello @sistemas-lehit , what's up? 


You can create Pipes reports and save them in Excel format (.xlsx), here is an article that explains how to do it: 

With the Database it's easier, just click on “export”: 


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Hello, I don't need reports, I need to save the structure of the pipes and the databases, yesterday I had a problem and that was that a face was deleted in a pipe and I had to recreate it and configure it with the conditionals and configurations that I already had
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Hi @sistemas-lehit 


Got it. The option to back up the pipe structure doesn't exist yet, but if your plan is paid for, the support team can restore the pipes if there are any problems with deleted fields, phases, etc. 

What you could also do, when creating a process (Pipe) would be to clone it. Then you would always have a pipe ready to go in case you need it.